What’s so special about a cold foam mattress?

Cold foam mattresses are very popular nowadays because they bring many different benefits. The secret of success in cold foam mattresses is the so-called cold foam, which forms the core of this mattress. Polyurethane is cold-foamed together with CO2 and then has to cure at low temperatures. In contrast to some hot-foamed foams, the cold foams used in the production of cold foam mattresses are absolutely harmless to the health. The only drawback, which can result from the special manufacturing process, is initially a slightly chemical odor.

However, this does not affect the quality of cold foam mattresses. In the case of cold foam mattresses, it is above all the ideal body support and the so-called point elasticity that is the focus of attention. The mattress adapts optimally to the body contours of the lying, but at the same time forms no permanent cooling. Unlike in the case of Visco mattresses, frequent changes in the position of cold foam mattresses cannot adversely affect sleep.

What other advantages does a cold foam mattress offer?

Anyone who is interested in a new mattress should weigh the various advantages and disadvantages of the different types of mattresses against each other. In addition, the own demands that you make of a mattress should be clearly defined in advance. Cold foam mattresses offer a whole range of advantages in the test for many different types of sleep: The exact adaptation to the body shapes and the optimal point elasticity serve primarily to relieve the body.

When the body moves in sleep, these movements are precisely cushioned and the mattress adapts immediately to the new position of the person lying down. Loungers or chaise lounges, which remain even after a change in position and then affect the comfort, do not arise in cold foam mattresses.

Another advantage is the life of the cold foam mattresses. Overall, this can take up to ten years with good care, which also brings cost savings. After all, you have so much time before you have to buy a new mattress next time. The cold foam mattress is also suitable for allergy sufferers and cold-sensitive people: good thermal insulation ensures that the mattress transports comforting warmth.If you want to buy the mattress? You can see who makes the best mattress from us.