The best tips for mattress hygiene

Again we are asked by our customers, what it looks like with the cleaning of mattresses. You can hear horror stories of small crawling animals like mites in bed and a collection of residues in mattresses. What is really up to the mites and how can I really clean a mattress? We want to dissolve this a little bit.

How dirty can a mattress be?

First, you have to distinguish what is visible from the outside and what is in the mattress. Most mattress covers are washable at 60 ° and can, therefore, be kept relatively clean. You cannot see what is in the mattress and you cannot remove it. Even so-called mite suckers should be viewed with great skepticism.

Not only does a person lose a lot of moisture through sweating every night through the skin, but through the constant skin renewal, there are also mountains of dander that are left in bed every day or night. The fitted sheet offers only limited protection.

Basically, you should replace a mattress after about 10 years, to allow inside the mattress not too big “life of their own”.

The best tips for mattress hygiene

Important to know: The better the bed or mattress is ventilated and the more optimal moisture can be removed, the cleaner the bed. Which in turn ensures a healthy and restful sleep, because moisture is a dream for mites and the basis for mildew and mold spores.

  • The mattress should be well ventilated from below. It is therefore not recommended to use closed beds such as those with bed drawers or drawers.
  • The mattress cover should consist of high quality and breathable fiber. Only then moisture can be removed.
  • The mattress should also be breathable by design. Pocket spring mattresses or foamed mattresses with special ventilation systems are to be preferred. Here, air can circulate and moisture can escape.
  • The cover must also have breathability. Warmth and moisture retention under the blanket creates a humid climate, which is the ideal milieu for mites.
  • Cheap fitted sheets and linen do the same, so you should pay attention to quality.

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