Solid wood beds:

Wooden beds are the classic among the beds and are still prized for their many positive qualities. Although there are so many different types of bedding available today, traditional wooden beds are and will remain one of the most popular bed types. And not in vain: The construction of solid wood ensures good longevity and stability – making the bed a long-term basis for restful sleep and a worthwhile investment. Even overweight people can therefore easily rely on a solid wood bed.

A piece of nature for your bedroom

With one of our beds made of solid wood, you get a piece of nature in your bedroom. In addition, the good old wooden beds in almost every ambiance and ensure a harmonious look. The rich variety of woods offered by nature allows for an equally rich palette of color tones for wooden beds – some preferring light oak, others rather stylishly dark walnut, and still, others opt for reddish cherry wood.

A solid wood bed is therefore very versatile and promises both a pleasant atmosphere and a restful sleep.

The wooden bed is not the same wooden bed

The term wooden bed is very broad and describes except metal beds practically all beds since they all have a wooden substructure. A real solid wood bed, on the other hand, guarantees what you imagine under a wooden bed. And here you are exactly right! Our solid wood beds are made of high-quality woods and thus a natural and long-term companion that also survives more than one mattress. See solid wood bed and tempurpedic mattress reviews now.

Comfort for all ages

Our beds promise not the only comfort for young people, but we also offer special elderly beds for our older people. These are taller than normal bed designs, making it easier and easier for seniors to get up.

Care of a solid wood bed

The care of a bed made of solid wood is quite simple. Neither special cleaning agents are needed, nor does it require any special care. Chemical cleaners should even be avoided so as not to damage the delicate surface of the wood or surface treatment.