Dust mite allergy: what is it?

In a house dust mite allergy, your defense system reacts in contact with the excretions of the house dust mite. The house dust mite is a white spider-like animal that is so small that you cannot see it with the naked eye. The house dust mite mainly lives on dander and the salt crystals of transpiration fluid. The animals thrive well in a warm and humid environment such as a poorly ventilated and moisture-regulating mattress.

Did you know that you can lose more than half a liter of fluid per night? In addition, your skin produces about one million dandruff daily. Since you can imagine why the house dust mite is just to find in your bed. Sometimes millions of them at the same time! It is therefore not surprising that allergic reactions occur especially in a cozy bed especially common.

However, you can do a lot to keep the presence of dust mites to a minimum. Clean your house well, vacuum frequently, clean with a wet cloth, ventilate well and regularly renew your bedding and wash hot, all of which helps especially if you choose a mattress that is impenetrable to the little nasty little animals.

Asthma patients are also very sensitive to house dust mites. Therefore, if you have some form of asthma, it is also a good idea to take appropriate action.

Which is the best mattress for a house dust mite allergy?

Which mattress is best for you if you suffer from allergies? Of course, there is no mattress that will free you from your allergies. But with a good mattress, you can significantly reduce the risk of allergic reactions. Whether you choose cold foam, memory foam, pocket spring or latex mattress, the ultimate goal is for the mattress to support your body well, provide optimal relaxation, and prevent allergic reactions from occurring.

Mattress covers, duvets, and pillows that have been specially designed to repel the house dust mite can be a good solution. But have you ever thought about a waterbed? This is an excellent choice if you have problems with allergies.

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