The best tips for mattress hygiene

Again we are asked by our customers, what it looks like with the cleaning of mattresses. You can hear horror stories of small crawling animals like mites in bed and a collection of residues in mattresses. What is really up to the mites and how can I really clean a mattress? We want to dissolve this a little bit.

How dirty can a mattress be?

First, you have to distinguish what is visible from the outside and what is in the mattress. Most mattress covers are washable at 60 ° and can, therefore, be kept relatively clean. You cannot see what is in the mattress and you cannot remove it. Even so-called mite suckers should be viewed with great skepticism.

Not only does a person lose a lot of moisture through sweating every night through the skin, but through the constant skin renewal, there are also mountains of dander that are left in bed every day or night. The fitted sheet offers only limited protection.

Basically, you should replace a mattress after about 10 years, to allow inside the mattress not too big “life of their own”.

The best tips for mattress hygiene

Important to know: The better the bed or mattress is ventilated and the more optimal moisture can be removed, the cleaner the bed. Which in turn ensures a healthy and restful sleep, because moisture is a dream for mites and the basis for mildew and mold spores.

  • The mattress should be well ventilated from below. It is therefore not recommended to use closed beds such as those with bed drawers or drawers.
  • The mattress cover should consist of high quality and breathable fiber. Only then moisture can be removed.
  • The mattress should also be breathable by design. Pocket spring mattresses or foamed mattresses with special ventilation systems are to be preferred. Here, air can circulate and moisture can escape.
  • The cover must also have breathability. Warmth and moisture retention under the blanket creates a humid climate, which is the ideal milieu for mites.
  • Cheap fitted sheets and linen do the same, so you should pay attention to quality.

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Dust mite allergy: what is it?

In a house dust mite allergy, your defense system reacts in contact with the excretions of the house dust mite. The house dust mite is a white spider-like animal that is so small that you cannot see it with the naked eye. The house dust mite mainly lives on dander and the salt crystals of transpiration fluid. The animals thrive well in a warm and humid environment such as a poorly ventilated and moisture-regulating mattress.

Did you know that you can lose more than half a liter of fluid per night? In addition, your skin produces about one million dandruff daily. Since you can imagine why the house dust mite is just to find in your bed. Sometimes millions of them at the same time! It is therefore not surprising that allergic reactions occur especially in a cozy bed especially common.

However, you can do a lot to keep the presence of dust mites to a minimum. Clean your house well, vacuum frequently, clean with a wet cloth, ventilate well and regularly renew your bedding and wash hot, all of which helps especially if you choose a mattress that is impenetrable to the little nasty little animals.

Asthma patients are also very sensitive to house dust mites. Therefore, if you have some form of asthma, it is also a good idea to take appropriate action.

Which is the best mattress for a house dust mite allergy?

Which mattress is best for you if you suffer from allergies? Of course, there is no mattress that will free you from your allergies. But with a good mattress, you can significantly reduce the risk of allergic reactions. Whether you choose cold foam, memory foam, pocket spring or latex mattress, the ultimate goal is for the mattress to support your body well, provide optimal relaxation, and prevent allergic reactions from occurring.

Mattress covers, duvets, and pillows that have been specially designed to repel the house dust mite can be a good solution. But have you ever thought about a waterbed? This is an excellent choice if you have problems with allergies.

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Solid wood beds:

Wooden beds are the classic among the beds and are still prized for their many positive qualities. Although there are so many different types of bedding available today, traditional wooden beds are and will remain one of the most popular bed types. And not in vain: The construction of solid wood ensures good longevity and stability – making the bed a long-term basis for restful sleep and a worthwhile investment. Even overweight people can therefore easily rely on a solid wood bed.

A piece of nature for your bedroom

With one of our beds made of solid wood, you get a piece of nature in your bedroom. In addition, the good old wooden beds in almost every ambiance and ensure a harmonious look. The rich variety of woods offered by nature allows for an equally rich palette of color tones for wooden beds – some preferring light oak, others rather stylishly dark walnut, and still, others opt for reddish cherry wood.

A solid wood bed is therefore very versatile and promises both a pleasant atmosphere and a restful sleep.

The wooden bed is not the same wooden bed

The term wooden bed is very broad and describes except metal beds practically all beds since they all have a wooden substructure. A real solid wood bed, on the other hand, guarantees what you imagine under a wooden bed. And here you are exactly right! Our solid wood beds are made of high-quality woods and thus a natural and long-term companion that also survives more than one mattress. See solid wood bed and tempurpedic mattress reviews now.

Comfort for all ages

Our beds promise not the only comfort for young people, but we also offer special elderly beds for our older people. These are taller than normal bed designs, making it easier and easier for seniors to get up.

Care of a solid wood bed

The care of a bed made of solid wood is quite simple. Neither special cleaning agents are needed, nor does it require any special care. Chemical cleaners should even be avoided so as not to damage the delicate surface of the wood or surface treatment.

What’s so special about a cold foam mattress?

Cold foam mattresses are very popular nowadays because they bring many different benefits. The secret of success in cold foam mattresses is the so-called cold foam, which forms the core of this mattress. Polyurethane is cold-foamed together with CO2 and then has to cure at low temperatures. In contrast to some hot-foamed foams, the cold foams used in the production of cold foam mattresses are absolutely harmless to the health. The only drawback, which can result from the special manufacturing process, is initially a slightly chemical odor.

However, this does not affect the quality of cold foam mattresses. In the case of cold foam mattresses, it is above all the ideal body support and the so-called point elasticity that is the focus of attention. The mattress adapts optimally to the body contours of the lying, but at the same time forms no permanent cooling. Unlike in the case of Visco mattresses, frequent changes in the position of cold foam mattresses cannot adversely affect sleep.

What other advantages does a cold foam mattress offer?

Anyone who is interested in a new mattress should weigh the various advantages and disadvantages of the different types of mattresses against each other. In addition, the own demands that you make of a mattress should be clearly defined in advance. Cold foam mattresses offer a whole range of advantages in the test for many different types of sleep: The exact adaptation to the body shapes and the optimal point elasticity serve primarily to relieve the body.

When the body moves in sleep, these movements are precisely cushioned and the mattress adapts immediately to the new position of the person lying down. Loungers or chaise lounges, which remain even after a change in position and then affect the comfort, do not arise in cold foam mattresses.

Another advantage is the life of the cold foam mattresses. Overall, this can take up to ten years with good care, which also brings cost savings. After all, you have so much time before you have to buy a new mattress next time. The cold foam mattress is also suitable for allergy sufferers and cold-sensitive people: good thermal insulation ensures that the mattress transports comforting warmth.If you want to buy the mattress? You can see who makes the best mattress from us.

Get the best value of your money by purchasing the right type of mattress

This article is all about the new mattresses that are having the best quality that are important for luxurious and perfect sleep. It is the mattress that is very important. One needs to select the best mattress so that one can have the best experience of sleep. There are different types of mattresses that are very much made for the people. But the entire mattresses that are available in the market are not reliable because every mattress does not have the features that are important for comfort of sleep. The new modernized or that are made from the latest technology mattress is all, that you will learn here in this article. These mattresses are very important because sleep is important in our daily life. One needs to have perfect match of mattress that can relax the body to make you sleep very fast in most comfortable form.

The mattress that is having features like durability, quality of perfect sleep, affordable and the mattress that can help you have the gentle massage to provide best help in relaxing every body parts is the perfect mattress that one needs on their bed. The new modernized mattresses are having great features that are having retention system, massage system and articulation system that makes the mattress to be the best from all others. These are the mattresses that don’t sag in any situation. One will love to sleep on such mattress for long time. It is the best way to enjoy the comfort of perfect sleep in your daily life and keep your body healthy.

Online markets there are reliable sites that are having such mattresses. If you like to have one these mattresses then it is better to purchase from the reliable site. There are numerous of reliable sites that are offering best service by offering best discounts with free trial offer. You have all the reliable sites that are offering free trial for such mattress before you go for the purchase.

Memory foam mattress for unbeaten caliber

Today in the modern world to before buying any product we recommend to check the reviews of the product then why not in the case of the mattress. We never prefer to check reviews about the company and the mattress quality before buying a mattress. One should always check the reputation of the company as well as check how people feel when they sleep on the mattress. Today we will talk about the abig difference between spring mattress and foam mattress available out there. You can check and compare their quality before buying it.

How to test and pick a memory foam mattress?

If you want to buy a memory foam mattress then you should check the quality of the mattress with so many factors. According to so many researches, the memory foam mattress is proved as very durable and fascinating mattresses to sleep. If we juxtapose the prices of various memory foam mattress then you may find the prices of various companies are similar. Then the game stops on the durability or we can say the life span of the mattress. The highest memory span of good quality memory foam must be around 10 to 15 years. Memory foam also considers as the silent mattresses. In any type of situation, it never bothers the sleeper with noise. They are easy to move and handle. The maintenance of the memory foam mattress is less costly. These mattresses are also easy to clean.

Your memory foam mattress should be temperature sensitive

The memory foam mattress should be temperature sensitive. Temperature sensitive means a mattress which can allow you to sleep in all the weather conditions. It will change its temperature according to the weather temperature. Temperature sensitivity of the mattress dependent upon the thickness of the memory foam. The more it will be thick the more it is temperature sensitive. It will become your coolant as well as your warmth mattress with the perfect thickness. You will never find any necessity of the electric blanket with the memory foam mattress to increase warmth. Its elasticity also varies according to the temperature. 

The worst choice of mattress for side sleepers

Are you looking for thea bed for sleeping on your side? If so, you must purchase the bed,consider its suitability with the side sleeping style. While a few of the features and design perfectly suits the side sleeping style, there other types that are not compatible with such style of sleeping. Hence, if you are not approaching the purchase of the mattress, considering these points, you will never ever experience the desired comfort and convenience in the course of the sleep.

Innerspring mattresses are not the one that side sleepers should opt for

Innerspring mattress triggers discomfort and inconvenience to the side sleepers as the springs never holds up the body in an even manner. The issue with these mattresses is that they don’t offer support to the lumber areas, while, pushes up on the heaviest parts of the body.. In addition, such mattresses are likely to trigger stress on the spine, hips and shoulders. Thus, it is needless to say that you will not be able to enjoy the sleep on such mattresses, if you are a side sleeper.

Side sleepers should always stay away from the Waterbeds

Just as the Innerspring mattresses, Waterbeds don’t suit the side sleepers. It is for the reason that such beds can’t distribute the body weight of the sleeper in a uniform manner. Thus, it will automatically trigger stress on some parts, with the spine and shoulder areas standing the most vulnerable to such attacks. In the opinion of the experts, Waterbeds are the worst choice for the side sleepers as it cannot offer the necessary support to the body.

If you are a side sleeper, you should pick the mattresses with soft to medium firmness, and as for the material of the mattress, foam and latex are the ideal choices. These materials can offer the necessary support to the spine, hips and shoulders to ensure that you enjoy the best quality sleep.

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